Saajal for Consumer Facing Businesses

In today’s consumer markets, the trust factor of a business directly influences their prospects of building a staggering fanbase. This trust factor is an aggregate representation of the reviews given by customers to businesses.

Traditionally, consumers log in to review based platforms such as Google, Yelp, etc. to convey their pleasant or bitter experience with a business, service, or store. This is an ineffective model for multiple reasons. Firstly, users are forced by these platforms to reveal their identity which takes a toll on personal security- in a highly polarized world, revealing intimate strands of your identity such as personal beliefs, ethnicity and race can lead to discrimination.

On the other hand, because this model of reviews is premised on one-way communication whereby customers just leave their reviews, businesses do not get the opportunity to engage with individual grievances of consumers. In this way, they lose any chances to directly restore consumer confidence and trust in their brand. They also cannot establish contact with offended customers to show them the corrective action deployed to rectify the lapse in customer service. This can be devastating for a brand image and leaves the room for a profound improvement in the consumer review model.

Acknowledging this colossal communication void between consumers and businesses, we are developing a review platform whereby, customers can directly establish contact with business while maintaining their anonymity, and businesses can reply back directly. Not only can businesses assume better control of their brand image by revitalizing consumer-trust, but customers can also benefit by maintaining their right to privacy.

Below we have enlisted the distinctive features and benefits that this service offers to businesses and customers.

A Trailblazing Anonymous Review Tracking System

When engaging in the online realm, revealing your identity should never be compulsory, and our service recognizes the importance of staying anonymous. An anonymous review system allows consumers and customers to be increasingly confident, open, and honest about their review.

When people are forced to reveal their identity, a large number would simply deny engaging with the review system. In contemporary consumer markets, losing a large chunk of the audience can be devastating for businesses, because they cannot develop statistical trends to identify shortcomings of the customer experience that they offer. An Anonymous Review Tracking system facilitates an enhanced consumer-business interaction.

This Anonymous Review Tracking system is one of it’s kind because it allows businesses to directly engage with consumers that left reviews for their service. When consumers see a businesses’ intent to rectify shortcomings in its customer service via a reply received, they can have a stronger motivation to restore their trust towards a brand. This works amazingly well for both customers and businesses alike, as it deploys a strong accountability system to overall improve the consumer-business relationship.

Sophisticated Consumer-Sentiment Insights

This review system exclusively features a revolutionary entity extraction and consumer-sentiment analysis system that utilizes heaps of review based data to develop an accurate representation of the attitude of consumers towards businesses. Using automated trends and insights, businesses can gauge the point of view of consumers that use their product, and make a timely intervention to revamp user experience if the analytics point towards a bitter market sentiment.

This automated sentiment analysis system utilizes modules of Artificial Intelligence and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to isolate and focus on keywords that consumers are using so that the consequent trends can accurately represent the market sentiment of the vast majority rather than a select few. For example, the system will evaluate reviews against recurring words like ‘’pizza’’ or ‘’parking’’ over a period of time, to develop an enlightened understanding of the sentiment.

It will also focus on how employees are doing in the eyes of consumers, by picking up reviews that come with names of specific workers such as waiters, so that businesses can effectively deal with them. The ability to automatically consider keywords and names, allows the system to prepare in-depth insights into the customer service of a business.

The addition of data analytics to generate high-quality insights about a product or service is a step ahead of the mundane 5-star reviewing metric employed by other review platforms.

Facilitates Effective Employee Management

It is extremely difficult for Employee Relation Managers and Supervisors to observe the attitude of every employee towards customers, but with the help of this Anonymous Review System, the supervising process becomes streamlined and effective. Customers can leave anonymous reviews about a particular employee (for example a waiter, stylist, or shop retailer) and explain the nature of the experience they had.

This serves two important purposes. First, the top management of a business can evaluate the individual performance of employees and also set up incentives, such as promotions, an employee of the month award, etc., on the basis of these reviews. Second, it exhorts employees to always stay empathetic, patient, and consistent when it comes to delivering sustained customer service to consumers.

Advanced Filters For Abusive and Inappropriate Reviews

There is a possibility of a dishonest review when people are given the leverage to stay anonymous, but this platform completely nullifies. Owing to its state-of-the-art and automated filters, all abusive, inappropriate, and discriminating reviews are filtered out to guarantee quality metrics for businesses. Strict checks have been programmed into the automated equity system that doesn’t compromise on integrity and ethical boundaries. These filters also eliminate any chances of a hateful tirade against any specific employee which can be demoralizing and discriminatory.

Form A Sound Business Strategy

Gauging the market sentiment towards a specific brand, service or product is the most important aspect of a successful business strategy. With the help of this Anonymous Review Tracking System, business owners get revolutionary insights about consumer attitude.

Firstly, these analytics can be used to accurately predetermine consumer demands and requirements. When product design and marketing teams get access to this data, they can better identify the problems of consumers, and consequently, develop products and services that offer an exclusive remedy. Not only can this improve client-acquisition and retention, but also soar revenue generation possibilities.

Secondly, businesses can also work on overall customer service. By getting in touch with consumers that are bitter towards a brand, product, or service, they can set corrective procedures in motion that can show an agitated consumer their intent to acknowledge and rectify a problem. Through this mechanism, enabled by the innovative Anonymous Review Tracking System, businesses have an augmented chance to replenish brand reputation in the eyes of the market.

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